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The Damon braces system is an amazing way for us to achieve great orthodontic results. Damon braces involve the use of “tie-less” or self-ligating braces with low force archwires to create highly efficient tooth movement.

damon braces on model of teeth


Our practice has been using the Damon System since October 1996, and has treated thousands of cases with outstanding results. Some of the advantages of the Damon System include:

Damon braces compared to traditional metal braces

  • Fewer Appointments
  • Reduced Treatment Times
  • Improved Hygeine Due to Lack of Elastic Ties That Trap Plaque & Bacteria
  • Reduced Extraction of Permanent Teeth


We also believe using lighter forces with the Damon System reduces the discomfort associated with tooth movement as well as some unwanted tooth movements associated with conventional braces. Damon System braces are available in metal or clear so there is a choice to suit your look and style.



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